Patrick Henry


Date of Birth

May 29, 1736

was born in Hanover County, Virginia . He was the second of eleven children.

First Job


ran a store for his father

House of Burgesses

1765 - 1774

spoke out against the Stamp Act saying that only the Assembly has the right to tax Virginians, not the king.

Virginia Committee of Correspondence


He was a founding member

Delegate to the First and Second Continental Congresses

1774 - 1776

attended the Virginia Conventions of 1774, March 1775, July–August 1775, May 1776, and 1788.

Virginia Convention


He is best remembered, however, for the speech he gave during the convention that famously ended with the words, "Give me liberty, or give me death!"

First Virginia regiment

August 26, 1775

Commissioned as Colonel of the first Virginia regiment

first governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia


again as governor in 1784–1786.

House of Delgates

1779 - 1784

then again in 1788–1791


June 6, 1799

died of stomach cancer