Alexander Hamilton


Alexander Hamilton

January 11, 1757

Alexander Hamilton's birth date. He was born in Charlestown, Saint Kitts and Nevis.

Hamilton moves to St. Croix


Hamilton's parents, Rachel Fawcett and James Hamilton, decide to move to St. Croix. But then James Hamilton abandons his family. And so Hamilton began working as a clerk.

Hamilton's mother


Rachel Fawcett, Hamilton's mother, died in 1768. And when she passed, he became closer to his mother's relatives.

Hamilton's education


Hamilton enrolls King's College (now known as Columbia University)

Hamilton publishes "The Farmer Refuted"


Alexander Hamilton writes and publishes a patriotic pamphlet called "The Farmer Refuted". During that time, there was the Battles of Bunker Hill, Lexington, and Concord. And so later on, Hamilton joins a militia.

Alexander Hamilton and John Jay


After every battle Hamilton had over the past few years, he then writes to John Jay, saying that slaves should be enlisted to fighting and freedom.

Hamilton's marrige


Alexander Hamilton marries Elizabeth (Eliza) Schuyler.

Hamilton writes "The Federalists" papers


Alexander Hamilton enters the Constitutional Convention. During the convention, he writes "The Federalists" papers with James Madison and John Jay.

Hamilton serves for treasury


President Washington chose Hamilton to be the first secretary of treasury.