Thomas Jefferson



April 13, 1743

born at Shadwell, his father's main plantation located in Albemarle, Virginia.

Elected to House of Burgesses


this was an assembly of elected representatives and was the United States' first legislature.

Elected to Continental Congress


served as a government for the 13 colonies. It was made up of delegates from the colonies, including Thomas Jefferson.

Drafted Declaration of Independence

June 1776

wrote the first draft of the Declaration of Independence, a document explaining why the colonies wanted to separate from Great Britain.

Served as Virginia Governor

1779 - 1781

Elected delegate to Congress


Served as first United States Secretary of State

1790 - 1793

Served as United States Vice President

1797 - 1801

Served as United States President

1801 - 1809

Died at Monticello

July 4, 1826

passed away at the old age of 83 from a combination of exhaustion from intense diarrhea, toxemia from a kidney infection, uremia from kidney damage, and orthostatic old-age pneumonia.