Thomas Jefferson


Jefferson Born

April 13, 1743

Born to Peter Jefferson and Jane Randolph in Shadwell Virginia

Thomas Jefferson attended the College of William and Mary

1760 - 1762

Began study of law with George Wythe.

Elected to House of Burgesses


Also allies with the young radical faction led by Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry. Around this time Jefferson begins to work on his home.

Gets married

1772 - 1782

Jefferson gets married to Martha Wayles Skelton. Skelton then dies 10 years after, during giving birth to their sixth child

Elected to Continental Congress


Jefferson is part of the Second Continental Congress where he replaces his cousin as a Virginia delegate.

Drafted the Declaration of Independence


Thomas Jefferson was known as the father of the Declaration of Independence since he wrote almost the entire document. He was also elected to the Virginia House of Representatives

Served as Governor of Virginia

June 1, 1779 - June 3, 1781

Was the second governor of Virginia. After Jefferson finishes his second term he resigns and leaves Virginia without a representative for eight days.

Served as first United States Secretary of State.

March 22, 1790 - December 1,1793

During his term Jefferson and the Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton have a debate over the chartering of the US National Bank. Jefferson pressures George Washington to let him resign.

Served as President

March 4, 1801 - March 4, 1809

Jefferson became the third president of the United States and was the first president to take office in the capital city in Washington D.C.. On April 4th Jefferson makes the Louisiana Purchase and nearly doubles the size of the nation.

Jefferson's Death

July 4, 1826

He died in Monticello.