APUSH midterm


wilmot proviso


Rep. Wilmot's Proviso never became law. It said Mexican territories acquired by U.S. should be free states and Texas should be a slave state.

California Gold Rush


Gold found in CA. men migrate to west coast. CA wants to become free state. South fears unbalance of free/slave states.

fugitive slave act


Most controversial element of Compromise of 1850. Denied fugitives a jury trial. infuriated abolitionists.

compromise of 1850


Henry Clay proposes plan to compromise. Has 8 resolutions. won over moderates but not extreme secessionist and abolitionists.

Uncle tom's cabin


Extremely popular book by Harriet Beecher Stowe. Religious underpinnings of abolitionist movement. infuriated slave owners.

Election of 1852


Dem. Franklyn Pierce vs Whig Gen. Winfield Scott. Pierce won, he supported westward expansion and the Compromise of 1850. was unable to unite north and north and was considered a failure.

Kansas Nebraska Act


Allowed incoming settlers in these states to decide if they wanted to be free or slave. Lead to "bleeding Kansas" which lead to the establishment of the Republican Party.

sack of lawrence


pro-slavery southerners invade town of Lawrence and destroyed printing presses of newspapers and ransacked homes.

bloodied sumner


Republican Se. Sumner delivered anti-slavery speech that attacked a south Carolinian senator Butler. Brooks, Butler's cousin defended him by smashing Sumners head with a cane until he died. this became an anti-slavery cause.

bleeding kansas


Missouri "border ruffians" illegally voted in election for a slave state. free state advocates rejected pro slavery gov and drafted their own constituition so there were two illegal govs ruling. in May, pro-slavery southerners invaded town in the "sack of Lawrence". this inspired John Brown, an extreme abolitionist to invade a pro slavery town in the "Pottawatomie massacre"

pottawatomie massacre


John Brown lead group of extreme abolitionists to pro-slavery town and killed 5 prominent slave owners. ultimately failed but sparked hate and fear in slave owners making them want to secede.

dred scott decision


supreme court decides slave, Dred Scott, has no rights a white man is bound to respect. he loses freedom even though he lived in a free state for a big amount of time because his master moved back to a slave state. It basically ruled an act of congress (the missouri compromise) unconstitutional. this infuriated abolitionists.

Lincoln Douglas Debates


two candidates debate over slavery, were very popular.

Harper's ferry


John Brown fails to start uprising in Harpers Ferry, VA. is executed for treason against state.

Abraham Lincoln is elected president


only 40% popular vote, wins electoral college. South is mad. wants restrictions on slavery but not abolishment.



South Caroline secedes first, other states follow.