Vigilantes of Atakapa


Slaves Killed their master

December 24, 1858

The slaves waited till the children left, and when they did the slaves slathered the women. This event was one that lead the committee to start.

This is when the preparation for war began

February 1, 1859

The vigilantes and the bandits started to get ready to have a war with each other.

The Committee of Atakapa Began

march 15, 1859

This was the date of the committees first meeting.

President Alexander Mouton

march 16, 1859

This was the day they selected the committees president.

A Resolution was made

March 21, 1859

If a person was convicted of crime the person would be judged and expelled by a majority.

Andre Balerien Morten VP

April 16, 1859

This was the day the committee selected a Andre as the vice president for Alexander Mouton.

Governor banned Vigilantism

June 18, 1859

The governor banned all vigilantism in Louisiana. He thought that the state would be better off without the vigilantes. Although this would not stop the groups.

Battle Preparation

september 1, 1859

Many people started to come into the town they went to the camps and started to melt canon balls and bullets for their guns.

The Battle of Queue De Tortue

September 3, 1859

This was the battle between the vigilante committee and the bandits.