european theater and u.s homefront


spanish civil war

july 17, 1936 - april 1, 1939

general francisco franco rule spain in a fascist government style.

quarantine speech

october 5, 1937

FDR made a speech that was about quarantining aggressive nations

munich conference

September 28, 1938 - september 29, 1938

leaders of great britain, france and italy met and agreed to allow germany to annex specific areas of czechoslavakia

neutarality act


this allowed belligerents to purchase war materials, as long as they provide cash and carried it on their own ships. this helped the british out because they control the atlantic ocean

germany invades poland

september 1, 1939

nazi germany invades poland seeking to gain back lost territory. this starts ww2

lend lease act

1940 - march 1941

providing u.s military aid to foreign nations ww2

miracle at dunkirk

may 26, 1940 - june 4, 1940

was an evacuation of allied soldiers from the beaches and harbor of dunkirk

battle of britain

july 10, 1940 - october 31, 1940

the luftwaffe attacks england and the royal air force tries to defend its self for almost 4 years

four freedoms speech

january 6, 1941

a state of the union speech given by FDR, proposed 4 fundamental freedoms. the 4 freedoms are : freedom of speech, freedom of worship , freedom from want, freedom from fear.

the atlantic charter

august 14, 1941

the u.s president FDR and british prime minister winston churchill meet to discuss the u.s helping britain