The Pacific Front


Japan takes the Philippians

December 8 1941 - May 1942

A few hours after Pearl Harbor the Japanese attack several U.S. instillation in the Philippians until all of the Philippians belonged to the Japanese.

The Doolittle Raid

April 18 1942

The Doolittle Raids were the first attacks on the Japanese home islands which was a great morale boost for Americans since it showed that Japan itself was vulnerable to American planes

Battle of Midway

4 June 1942 - 7 June 1942

Regarded as the turning point of the war when American Navy successfully defended against a Japanese attack


12 November 1942 - 15 November 1942

The first major offensive against the Japanese empire against the island of Guadalcanal with several land and naval battle

Iwo Jima

February 19 1945 - March 26 1945

A major battle with the Japanese where American troops captured the entire island of Iwo Jima along with it's three airfeilds


April 1 1945 - June 1945

A battle fought on the Ryukyu Islands for Okinawa which was going to be the base of operations for the Americans against the Japanese


6 August 1945

America dropped the first atomic bomb named "Little boy" on the Capital of Japan in Hiroshima


August 9 1945

America drops the second atomic bomb which was much larger then the first named "Fat Man" against the Japanese city of Nagasaki

Official Surrender of Japan

September 2 1945

The surrender ceremony of Japan to America end the hostilities in the Pacific after America dropped two atomic bombs on highly populated cities in Japan