Eli and Kiaran's Paleolithic Timeline


Old Stone Age

200,000 BCE - 9,600 BCE

The Old Stone Age begins, with the first artifacts ever to be made.

Neolithic Agricultural Revolution [~8000 BCE]

15,200 BCE - 2,000 BCE

The first crops are planted by Homo Sapiens, and most are converting to agricultural planting.


9500 BCE - Present

Ancient Egyptian Time Frame

3100 BC - 30 BC

The age of Pyramids, Egypt and probably how Cat Videos were invented.

Dark Ages

410 A.D. - 1000 A.D.

Bleh bleh blah! Excluding Count Dracula, this was the age where Rome had no emperor.

Middle Ages

500 - 1500

Don thy knighting helm, as this wast the age of kings and queens and thy blades of mercy!


1300 - 1700

It's thy nicer age of Knights and Kingship!

Scientific Revolution

1870 - Present

Kiaran's religion.