Brianna's Life



February 23, 2001


June 2001

Habituation is used when we do not understand something and we will look at an item for a longer period of time than others. It shows how our mind is growing and understanding knew things and really shows that the child is learning based off of what it knows and what it wants to know. As a child I was very attached to a stuffed animal whose name was Angel. I was given that stuffed animal at birth so I was able to habituate it at a very early age and was attached to it since.

First day of Kindergarten

September 2006

Secure Attatchement

September 2006

As a child, I was very close to my parents and when I went to preschool I would miss my mom and be very happy when she returned. However, over time I got used to the cycle of my mom not being there and then returning so I became more outgoing and energetic.

Industry vs inferiority

September 2008

This is when you first go to kindergarten and you are evaluated and tested for knowledge. i remember when starting school I was pretty average and did well but in 5th grade, I realized science as not my strongest subject and from then on I have hated science.

Authoritative Parents


My parents were a good mix between strict and lenient with me growing up. My parents would talk to me about why the punishment is what it is and would listen to me as well but also would set strict rules and boundaries that if I broke I would get punished. I feel as though with my older brothers growing up, they like to say my parents were authoritarian when they were younger but when they turned 17 they acted more authoritarian. This might have changed with me since I am a girl and the youngest.

My Brother's Wedding

September 2, 2012

Identity vs role confusion

September 2014

This is when I started dying my hair and experimenting with make-up and trying out different friend groups to see what I liked and were I belonged. I am grateful for all of those experiences because it made me who I am today and I have a pretty good sense of self

First day of High School

August 31, 2015

First Job

April 2016

My Niece is born

January 11, 2017

Going to College

June 2019

First Real Relationship

November 2019

First Major Job

September 2024


September 2027

First Child

November 2028


June 2088