The revolutions(Unit 2)


Modern age

1492 - 1789

What started the modern age was,when christopher Columbus arrived to America from Spain


1758 - 1794

This is a very important character that was the leader of the sans culottes and the dictator that reigned during the great terror

Napoleon Bonaparte

1769 - 1821

This is a very important character in history because he was the French emperor and the man that created the civil code

Declaration of Independence


The causes of Thisbe event were:
The citizens from the United stares had illustrated ideas and wanted independence

Contemporary age

1789 - 2099

The contemporary age is the period of time which we are living in currently that “began” during the French Revolution

French Revolution

1789 - 1799

This is a very important event that led to the start of a new era and to the fall of the old regime which had 4 stages the public revolt the constitutional monarchy the revolution and the directory

The Viena Congress


This was a reunion between the leaders of the countries that wanted to restore the old regime

The 1820s revolutions

1820 - 1829

The 1830s revolutions

1830 - 1834

The 1848s revolutions

1847 - 1849