Term 2 Project



6000 BC - 300 BC

Mesopotamia is the land where many nations existed. It existed in the area we now know as the Middle East, and it had extremely fertile land. Part of it was taken over by Egypt during their New Kingdom.


3000 BC - 1792 BC

Sumer created many achievements and inventions, like the wheel.

Babylon I

1800 BC - 1595 BC

Babylon ruled by Sumerians


1800 BC - 300 BC

Babylon strays from Sumer and becomes the world's greatest empire.

Babylon II

1595 BC - 1200 BC

Hitties and Kassites take over Babylon

Babylon III

1200 BC - 652 BC

Assyrians won Babylon

Babylon IV

652 BC - 600 BC

Chaldeans rule Babylon

Babylon V

590 BC - 300 BC

Persians and Medes take over Babylon

Egypt and Kush


3500 BC - 100 BC

Kush is a civilization

Ancient Egypt

2700 BC - 1050 BC

Ancient Egypt starts and ends their pharaoh things

Old Kingdom

2700 BC - 2200 BC

Old Kingdom reigns

Middle Kingdom

2050 BC - 1750 BC

The middle kingdom is stable.

New Kingdom

1550 BC - 1050 BC

New Kingdom is stable

Egyptian Kush

1500 BC - 1050 BC

The days where Kush was ruled by Egypt

Queen Hatshepsut

1472 BC - 1458 BC

Queen Hatshepsut rules while acting as a man.

Ramses II/Ramses the Great

1200 BC - 1100 BC

Rough time of when Ramses "Ramses the Great" II rules.

Kushite Egypt

716 BC - 660 BC

Egypt is ruled by Kush

Queen Shanakhdakheto

170 BC - 150 BC

When Kush was ruled the Queen S.

Ancient Rome

Ancient Rome

753 BC - 1453 AD

Rome is powerful during this time

Roman Kingdom

753 BC - 509 BC

Rome has a kingdom

Roman Republic

509 BC - 31 BC

Rome is a republic

Punic Wars

264 BC - 149 BC

Rome fights the Punic Wars

First Triumvirate

60 BC - 44 BC

Gaius Julius Caesar, Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus, and Marcus Licinius Crassus form a trio and rule together.

Second Triumvirate

43 BC - 31 BC

Octavian, Mark Antony, and Marcus Aemilius Lepidus rule Rome together in the last years of the republic.

Roman Empire

27 BC - 1453 AD

Rome is an empire

World Religion Events


2085 BC

Judaism is the first monotheistic religion.


1500 BC

Hinduism has a reincarnation system that changes your status depending on your actions (called karma).


560 BC

Bhuddah was a prince against the karma system of Hinduism so he made a religion where all humans were equal.


5 BC

Christianity is based on the teaching of Jesus Christ, our Savior.