World history



7000 bc

Mesopotania started farming and harvesting crops. They made many different crops. They planted wheat, beans, vegtables and many others.


3000 b.c.

Cuneiform started in mesopotania around 3000 b.c. It started in urk and spread around mesopotania. Cuneiform was the first form of writing.

City state

3000 b.c.

Mesopotania built there first city state. It's name was Uruk. Giggle mesh was there ruler.


2600 B.C

Sargon was the first king to be crowned for mesopotana. He was crowned in 2600 b.c. Everyone worshiped him and then others were crowned king.


2100 b.c.

In 2100 b.c ur be ame the Capitol of a new empire. It was the first Capitol they made. Then they made more capitols all around the fertile cresent.


Eygip agurcultor

4500 B.C

Eygipt started farming. They grow many crops for them selfs and there Pharos. They also grew crops for there dead Pharos or family members.

Menis brings upper and lower egipt together

3100 B.C

In 3100 B.C menus brings the upper Egypt and lower Egypt together. He started the first dynasty. That's how he brought then together.

Kushs Capitol

2300 B.C

Kush sets up a Capitol at Kerma. Everyone was happy and wanted to live there. There Pharaoh said only worthy people can go live in there newly built Capitol.

Ramis the great dies

1237 B.C

Ramis the great was the longest and greatest king. Everybody worshiped and thought he was a great king. Then in 1237 B.C Ramsis the great passed away.

Kush takes over eygipt

730 B.C - 700 B.C

Kush takes over eygipt. They did it by establishing the 25th dynasty. Then later Egypt takes over kush.

World religon

Longest religon

2300 B.C

Judaism was the longest religon. It stil is a religon today. Over 14 million people practice it.

What Buddhist liked to do

525 B.C

Buddhists really liked to meditate. They would do it for fun and also worship. There are many ways they worshiped but that was the main way the do worship.


500 B.C

Hidduhism believed in many gods. They were polo theistic . They had many other beliefs as well but this was a big believe.

We're buddhism started

500 B.C

It started in India. More than 2/3 of the people were part of this religon. This was a very popular religon in India.


500 B.C

The religon buddhism started in 500 B.C. They did not believe in any gods. They dident like tourture at all.



753 B.C

Rome was founded by two twins names Romulus and Remus. They were abandoned by there mother and ten token care of by a wolf until a scribe came and adopted them. Then they found end Rome.

Ceasers temple

484 B.C

The temple of caesar was built in 848 B.C. Every person worshiped him in this temple. It was also kind of like his home cause he spent so much time in the temple.


60 B.C - 44 B.C

In 60 B.C Julius Caesar became emperor. He was a great emperor for awhile. Then things went back and his friends killed him.

Augustece becomes emperor

31 B.C - 14 A.D

After caesar died augstece became the first emperor for the empire. Agustice killed Caesar so he could become emperor. At first everyone as ,ad that he did then later they liked h. Better than Caesar.


79 A.D

The coliseum was built in 79 A.D. Lots of people come to this place. Lots of people bring their slaves to be gladiators to fight in this place.


Oil pics

876 B.C

Th Olympics started in 776 B.C. It was for religious reasons back then. now is not for religious not religions reasons. Ours is just to compete agents country's.


461 B.C - 445 B.C

This is the persiantion war. It was a war between the serians and the Athena's. they had a big fight because of how they treated there people.

Alexander's father dies

336 B.C

Before alexander became emporor, his father was. They thought he was a great emporor Etonian. But at his daughters wedding he was assassinated so the throne was passed on to his son.

Alexander the Great

336 B.C

Alexander the Great was a very great leader. He maid the biggest emperor e because he was so strong. He also got the title Pharos which is really good.

Alexander dies

323 B.C

Alexander was a very great leader. But in 323 B.C he died. Everyone was very sad because hey needed to find a new leader but he was a great leader and didnt know how to find a better king than him.