War for Independence


The Rides Paul Revere and William Dawes


Revere and Dawes rode around to alert Americans of the British troops arrival in America.

The Battles of Lexington and Concord


First official battles of the Revolutionary War after tensions building between two parties over taxes, lack of representation and much more.

Battle of Bunker Hill

June 17, 1775

Even though the British won, the Americans got a confidence boost because they did hurt the British's troops.

Montgomery Captures Montreal for Americans


British were disorganized and so Montgomery was able to defeat them and take the city of Montreal.

Benedict Arnold's Failed Attack on Quebec


Tried to get support from Canada by capturing Quebec but lost to British and Montgomery died in the process.

The British Evacuate Boston


Americans launch a surprise attack on the British from Dorchester Heights and so defeat the British and expel them from Boston.

Battle of Long Island (Battle of Brooklyn)

8/27/1776 - 8/30/1776

The British arrived on Long Island hoping to capture American troops but Washington managed to escape capture even if they lost the battle.

British Occupy NYC


The British manage to capture all of NYC and push the Patriots out.

British Capture Fort Washington, NY and Fort Lee, NJ


Laid siege on Fort Washington and Fort Lee and many Patriots died in the capture.

Washington Crosses the Delaware River


Washington attempted to cross the Delaware River in order to surprise the British mercenary troops but most of the troops didn't make it across and so many troops were lost.

Howe occupies Philadelphia


Big loss for Americans when British completely forced out Patriots and British assume the war will be over for them in their favor.

Burgoyne Surrenders At Saratoga

October 17, 1777

Americans beat British at Saratoga which finally forces French to see them as an Independent state.

The Winter at Valley Forge, PA

12/19/1777 - 6/19/1778

Americans are low on supplies and can barely continue but Washington perseveres and raises moral for later battles.

British Occupy Savannah


British troops combined with Loyalists launch a surprise attack against the Patriots and capture Savannah for an extended period of time.

British Capture Charleston


Americans suffer the worst defeat so far in the war and lose Charleston creating an all out civil war between Patriots and Loyalists in South Carolina.

French Troops Arrive At Newport, RI


Many French troops and supplies arrive to come and help the dwindling British forces.

Benedict Arnold's is Discovered


Benedict Arnold is exposed for trying to give up West Point to the British for money and so branded a traitor

Greene Named Commander of South


Washington puts Greene in charge to control troops down South and try to maintain order.

Cornwallis at Guilford Courthouses


British suffer extreme troop loss and Cornwallis gives up his Carolina campaign, bested by Greene.

Corwallis surrenders at Yorktown


Cornwallis is ambushed by French and American troops and is forced to surrender with his 8,000 troops. The unofficial end of the Revolutionary War.

Treaty of Paris


Declares America a free and independent state and officially ends the Revolutionary War.