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'blessing of the blossoms'

May, 1910

This is the first unofficial 'cherry festival' celebration. For the blossoms in May.

Blessing of the Blossom Festival

May 22, 1925

The first official event in which businesses would promote and feature cherry farmers in Traverse City to help promote the growing industry.

Hawkins Bakery Bakes Presidential Pie


Hawkins Bakery in Traverse City baked the largest pie for President Coolidge in 1926!

Festival Becomes a Three Day Event


Decision made by General Chairman Larry Larsen to make the Festival a three-day event.

Festival Becomes National Celebration


Michigan Legislature passes a resolution to make the Cherry Festival a national celebration.

Festival is Postponed

1942 - 1947

The National Cherry Festival is postponed on account of World War 2 plus 1 year after (it was considered inappropriate i 1947).

Festival Becomes a Five Day Event


The week of July 6 is announced National Cherry Festival Week.

Festival Becomes Seven Day Event


Cherry Royale Parade Breaks All-Time Record


The Cherry Royale Parade broke the all-time record in 1975, boasting 180 entries and attended by over 300,000 people. President Gerald Ford, a Michigan native and former U.S. Senator, led the parade as Grand Marshall.

Embassy of Michigan Tourism Award


Thunderbirds Perform at Festival


World Record for Largest Cherry Pie Set

July 25, 1978

Cherry Festival in Top Ten Events of USA Today

1997 - 1999

History Center of Traverse City Holds "A Walk Through Festival History"