Silk Road 500 BCE to 1000 CE


Silk Road develops

500 BC - 200 BC

China begins developing a form of overland transportation of silk products

The Han dynasty comes into power

206 BC - 220 AD

The Han dynasty encourages a gradual increase in the Silk roads range

The Silk road comes into fruition

200 BC

The Silk Road not only served as a way to move the Chinese product of silk, but other goods as spices, furs, and gunpowder

Western trade routes established

138 BC - 125 BC

Zhang Qian is sent to establish a trading route between the east and the west

Rome discovers silks existence

53 BC

Rome discovers the existence of silk through a battle with the Persians

Buddhism excells

220 AD

Buddhism inspired the needed factor of hope and belief

Silk production is leaked

400 AD

The secrets of fabricating silk are leaked out of China

Central Asian bootlegging

600 AD

European silk worm farms develop