Vesuvius Eruption


Buildings collapsing

August 24, 79 AD - August 25, 79 AD

Buildings collapsed from the pyroclastic flow and the earthquakes that lasted a couple of days

I die in the barrel vault in my sleep

August 24, 79 AD

People fleeing For their lives

August 24, 79 AD 12:00pm - August 24, 0079 12:04pm

People fled the streets of Pompeii from the deadly pyroclastic flow

Vesuvius eruption

August 24, 79 AD 12:00pm - August 25, 0079 06:00am

The vesuvius eruption destroyed Pompeii with its lava, ash, pumice and pyroclastic flow.

Crassius Tells Me to Get Into the Cellar

August 24, 79 A.D. 5:45 pm

I decide to wait out the eruption in the barrel vault

August 24, 79 AD 6:00pm

I wait in the barrel vault with 52 other people