History of the Internet


The Internet is Born

October 29, 1969

The first internet message, "lo", was sent from UC Santa Barbra to University of Utah.

Internet Grows


The amount of people grows from 4 to 13 owning a computer

Internet Grows


Number of computer owners increases to 23.

Internet Growth is Slow


Only 60 computers are on the network and each one is very expensive and hard to maintain.

Internet Growing


The 100 owner mark for computers was broken.

Internet Growth Booms


More than a thousand computers are owned.

Internet Growth Takes off


the 10,000 barrier was broken from computer owners.

Internet Growth in The early 90s


Around a million computers are on the network

Internet Growth in the Late 90s


Over ten million computers are owned.

Internet Growth Today


Today over 1.7 million users are on the network

Significant Contributions to the Internet

World Wide Web

1989 - 1990

Sir Tim Berners-Lee creates the WWW. This is a interconnected web on networks that lays on top of the internet so files are accessible to users.

Why Openness Matters


Linus Torvald creates the first opening program. This allows users to open files for free. Without this, interest in the internet would be lost.

The Internet Explodes

1993 - 1994

In just a year long time span, the internet went from 623 users to an incredible 10,022

The New Free Culture

September 15, 1997

Google as a search engine is invented. People can, for free, look up and have access to millions of programs and files of information.

America Online


Aol, had over 30 million global users. It was the website that really got users interested in the internet. It made the internet easy to use.