Tuscarora War Timeline


The Excution of John

12 Sep. 1711

John Lawson and Christopher Von Graffenried traveled along the Neuse river. They were captured by the Tuscarora indians. Von Graffenried was sparred, but Lawson was executed by the indians.

Tuscarora War began

20 sep. 1711

War was declared between the colonial settlers and the Tuscarora indians.

Indians make the first move

22 sep. 1711

The first attacks by the Tuscarora indians were on New Bern.

The colinist make their move

29 Jan. 1712

Captain John Barnwell led a group of soldiers to attack the Tuscarora town of Narhantes

Chief Handcock is surrounded

7 apr. 1712

Captain John Barnwell surrounds Chief Hancock's Fort. There was a ten day siege by the colonists

Chief Handcock surrenders

17 apr. 1712

After fighting for ten days Chief Hancock surrendered and was captured by the colonists

Governer Hydes death

9 sep. 1712

Governer of North Carolina at the time dies of yellow fever.

South Carolina lend a helping

1 Mar 1713

The South Carolinaian colonel James Moore attacked a Tuscarora stronghold a few miles away from Fort Hancock.

The Stronghold falls

23 Mar 1713

Col. James Moore defeats the Tuscarora stronghold

Col. James Moore goes home

1 sep. 1713

Col. James Moore returned to South Carolina

Tuscarora Indians go on the offense

9 apr. 1714

The Tuscarora indians attack and terrorize the citizens of Bath county.

The War Ends!

11 Feb. 1715

The remaining Tuscarora indians signed a peace treaty that ended the war between the Tuscarora and the settlers.