August 24, 79 AD 7:01 am - August 24, 0079 08:01am

Iulia wakes me up, and bathes me before breakfast.


August 24, 79 AD 8:03 am - August 24, 79 AD 2:36 pm

I write until after noon, skipping lunch. I do not notice the erupting Vesuvius.


August 24, 79 ad 2:37 pm - August 24, 79 ad 2:50 pm

Iulia takes me outside and shows me that Vesuvius is erupting. I have an argument with my husband about leaving.

Freedom run

August 24, 79 ad 2:53 pm - August 24, 79 ad 3:11 pm

I free Iulia and as many other slaves as possible before we are forced to flee because of my husband.

Crassius's barrel vault

August 24, 79 ad 3:12 pm - August 24, 79 ad 3:39 pm

Iulia and I make it to the city below my villa. We find Crassius and hide in his barrel vault. The sun is blocked out by the ash.

Waiting and paper and ink and suffocation

August 24, 79 ad 3:40 pm

We wait in the barrel vault for hours. Eventually someone says that they found paper if anyone wanted it. I took it and started my letter to my friend Tacitus. Everyone begins to suffocate.