Evolving Genetics



Approx. 384 B.C. - Approx. 322 B.C.

Suggested that the form giving principle of an organism was transmitted through male and female bodily fluids which interacted in the womb.


Approx. 1000 CE

He was the first physician to clearly describe the hereditary nature of haemophilia in his work Al-Tasrif.

Gregor Mendel

Approx. 1856 - Approx. 1865

Published his work applying statistical analysis to define the concept of dominant and recessive character or traits in Experiments on Plant Hybridization.

Walter Sutton and Theodor Boveri

Approx. 1903

Propose that inheritance is due to chromosomes.

Alfred Sturtevant

Approx. 1913

Makes the first genetic map of a chromosome.

James Watson and Francis Crick

Approx. 1953

Conclude that DNA is structured as a double helix.

Stanley Norman Cohen and Herbert Boyer

Approx. 1980

Receive first U.S. patent for gene cloning.

Alec Jeffreys

Approx. 1984

Invents DNA fingerprinting

Ian Wilmut

Approx. 1997

clone a sheep known as "Dolly the Sheep".

Scientists at Introgen

Approx. 2008

developed the drug Advexin, the first gene therapy for cancer and Li Fraumeni syndrome.