Alaska Timeline


Bering First Journey


Sailed to American on Southern cost of Alaska. Thought to of died from scurvy but really died on Bering island which was named after him.

Alaskas History

1727 - Present

First Permanent Russian Settlement

1733 - 1867

Cook's Voyage

1768 - 1779

Cook had three main voyages in his life. These voyages were to explore the southern islands. Also discovered many islands and was mainly in search for the Northwest passage.

Baranov named First Russian Settlement

1790 - 1818

Start of Colonial Period

1790 - 1867

Purchase of Alaska

1867 - Present

When Alaska was first bought by the United States from Russia we had to do some negotiating to get a good price. We stayed friends with Russia and everything went pretty smooth. America paid 7.2 million for Alaska they estimated 2 cents per acre. The Natives in Alaska were not very happy that their land was sold. But it all worked out for the most part in the end.

Start of Territories Period

1867 - 1959

Gold Rush


The klondike Gold Rush was huge back in the day. Around 100,000 prospectors came to the Klondike to try and strike it rich. but really only about 4,000 to strike gold. This still brought a lot of money to Alaska and started many towns.

Territorial Organic Act of 1912

1912 - 1959

WWII event in Alaska

1941 - 1945

The main event of WWII in alaska was when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor which put alaska into the war. Some of the bloodiest battles took place in Alaska on the Aleutian islands.

Constitutional Convention


State hood


Start of Statehood

1959 - Present

Arctic National wildlife refuge


Anchorage Record Earthquake


ANCSA- Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act


Natives at first were not considered United States citizens. Until 1915 when the USA said they could become citizens if they had served all tribal relationships and adopted the habits of civilized life. Now they could attend schools and get a good education for there life. They also figured out about how to deal with the land.

Alaska Permanent Fund Established


Anti-Discrimination Act


Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act