Fascist History


Mussolini declared himself dictator


Pope Pius XI elected

February 6, 1922

March on Rome

October 26, 1922

Mussolini Named Prime Minister of Italy

October 31, 1922

Lateran Pacts


Italian Invasion of Ethiopia

1935 - 1936

Mussolini forms axis with Nazi Germany


Mostra Augustea della Romanità


Bimillenial celebration of Augustus' birth

Promulgation of Race Laws

September 1938 - December 1938

The Fascist government issues a series of provisions regulating, with separate bills, the exclusion of foreign and Italian Jews from the school, the academia, politics, finances, professional world, and all sectors of public and private life.
Italian citizens of the Jewish religion were no longer allowed to attend school and marry non-Jew, to be drafted in the Army, to own or administrate firms, to own or administrate land and real estate over a certain value, to hire non-Jewish employes, to be hired in the public administration, by political parties, banks, insurance companies, newspapers, publishing houses, artistic, research, and educational institutions. The public agencies in charge of census and demographic records become part of the government task-force for the “defense of race”.

Commercial Race Law

February 1939

Introduction of a bill that adds new limitations to the ability of Jews to own real-estate and commercial activities.

Mobility Race Law

July 1939

Introduction of rulings that severely limit the rights and mobility of Italian Jews in terms of family law, estate law, and use of last name.

Italy enters WW2


Sided with Germany

Miscegenation Law


Article 11 declared that mixed citizens are to be considered Aryan

Taxes Race Law

July 1940

New taxes are imposed on Jewish professionals.

Italy declares war on USSR


Property Race Law

February 1941

The State agency that regulates the seizing of Jewish properties receive authorization to liquidate them.

Art Race Law

April 1942

The use of theatrical and musical materials authored by Jews is prohibited.

Victor Emmanuel III imprisons Mussolini


Italy declares war on Germany

October 13, 1943

Allies Liberate Rome


Mussolini executed