Native Americans removal


An New Generation


Population grew every year. The national council was stronger than ever

A New Cherokee Constitution


John Ross created a democratically elected government. There was a executive, a legislative, and a judicial branch.

The Gold Rush

Approx. 1829

Gold was discovered in the Cherokee nation. Once it was discovered, thousands of miners known as "Twenty niners" flooded the area. This was also known as the great intrusion.

The Indian Removal act


Andrew Jackson passed a bill wanting to rid the east of the Indians. After the bill was passed the State of Georgia gave the citizens land lottery

Worcester v. Georgia


Samuel Worcester Influenced the Cherokees into refusing to give up their land. The Supreme Court took further actions, and decided to arrest anyone who refused to leave the area.

The Treaty of New Echota


Signed by the Ridge faction, the Treaty of New Echota stated that the Cherokees would leave their land, in exchange for 5 million dollars. The money would go to schools and homes in their new land.

The Federal Assembly


Wen the deadline passed people (Cherokees) Were still in their area. Georgia's reaction was to force them out of their houses

Trail of Tears


Due to Andrew Jackson's policy, the Cherokee nation was forced to leave their land east of the Mississippi river. The Reason for this action was to get more land so that they could grow more cotton.

A New Home


Under Ross the Cherokees had the finest education in all of america. Their population doubled.

Appropriations act


It divided native Americans onto certain land. I free'd up westward land.