Life of Siddhartha - Damon and Logan



563 BCE - 534 BCE

He didn't let him see the outside world and all the suffering.

The Birth of Siddhartha

563 BCE

His father was King Shuddhodana and his mother was Queen Maya. His birth was miraculous because he took 7 steps hen he was born.

The Four Sights

534 BCE

He wanted/ craved spiritual satisfaction. He saw an old man leaning on a staff, a sick man lying on the side of the road, a corps, and an ascetic.

Renunciation and Austerities

534 BCE - 530 BCE

He meditated, controlled his breathing, and reduced food intake to one grain of a rice a day. He became emaciated and ill.

The First Sermon

530 BCE

Siddhartha came to be known as the Buddha. Buddha shared his insights with Hindu ascetics. This is the beginning of a Buddha community.

Siddhartha discovers the Middle way

530 BCE

The middle way is a path of moderation.


530 BCE

Siddhartha sat under a tree in a state of higher consciousness. He saw the death and rebirth of all beings as a consequence of their good and bad deeds. HE decided to remove craving and ignorance. He achieved perfect wisdom and absolute peace. he stayed in this state for seven days.


486 BC

He told his followers to hold truth as a lamp and a refuge and to not look for refuge in anything other then themselves. Buddha reached "Parinirvana", a state of complete nirvana which released him from the cycle of involuntary rebirth.