Pompeii Project


First Loud Rumble

August 24, 79 AD 11:45 AM

The ground started shaking at around 10:00 AM. Which caused plates to rattle and fall, then shatter.

Black smoke starts coming out of Mt. Vesuvius

August 24, 79 AD 12:00 PM

Black smoke started coming out of Mt. Vesuvius, which got everyone curious.

Buildings start to shake and pumice rains down

August 24, 79 AD 12:30 PM

Buildings start to shake all around, and pumice rains down. People start to get worried.

Pompeii becomes almost pitch dark

August 24, 79 AD 12:45 PM

The black smoke from Mt. Vesuvius has now covered all of Pompeii, causing Pompeii to be very dark.

Chaos breaks out when everyone starts to run

August 24, 79 AD 1:00 PM

Everyone is now running from the black smoke, in the pitch dark. Which causes a lot of Chaos and people are yelling and screaming.

Thousands of people are dead, and many buildings have collapsed

August 24, 79 AD 3:00 PM

After 3 or so hours many people have died, and many buildings have collapsed.

Pompeii is now covered in Ash

August 25, 79 AD 12:00 AM

Pompeii is destroyed, and covered with rock and ash, after about 12 hours from the start of the eruption.