The Life of Siddhartha



563 BCE - 534 Bce

He kept him in the walls of his community and would not let him outsdie to see those who are sick and old. He also kept him from the truth of death

The Four Sights

534 BCE

He craved spiritual satisfaction. His father paid for wealthy people to fill the streets but at 29 he went out and say all the old and sick people. An old man with his body broken was the first sight, a sick man lying by the road side was the second sight, he saw a body being prepared for cremation on the third sight, and he saw a monk living on the streets as the fourth sight

Renunciation and austerities

534 BCE - 530 BCE

During this time he meditated. He gave up food, bathing and all luxuries of life. He become weak and ill.

The First Sermon

531 BCE - 486 BCE

He became known as the Buddha which means enlightened one.He shared his information with five Hindu ascetics. This was the beginning of the Buddhist community. The order was called the Bhikkhuni sangha

Siddhartha Discovers The Middle Way

530 BCE

The middle way is a path between both roads. Between not eating or bathing and just meditating and living the luxury life. He must live with both equally,


530 BCE

He sat under a special tree and he meditated. His mind went beyond the physical realm and was able to remember all his previous lifes in detail. Death and rebirth as consequences of there good and bad deeds. He removed craving and ignorance of his life. He achieved Nirvana a state of supreme realization of enlightment. He stayed in this for seven days or in other stories seven weeks.


486 BCE

He believed when he died each of his followers should decide for themselves which teachings to follow. Parinirvana r=is a state he reached which released him from the cycle of involuntary rebirth

Birth of Siddhartha

400 B.C

His parents were part of the Kshatriya Caste. His father was named King Shuddhodana and his mother was Queen Maya. He did not cry, his mother did not feel pain and where ever he walked Lotus flowers bloomed.