The Birth of Siddhartha

563 BC

His parents were Suddhodana and Maya.
He could talk and he grew lotus flowers where he walked.


563 BC - 534 BC

His father kept him locked up in the palace so that he wouldn't see any pain or suffering in the real world.

Renunciation and Austerities

534 BC - 530 BC

he meditated for extremely long periods of time, using techniques such as controlled breathing and reducing food intake. he became very thin and frail as a result of these actions.

The Four Sights

534 BC

He left the kingdom because he heard a song in a language that he had never heard before. He was craving to learn about the outside world. He saw an old broken man, a sick man lying on the road, a corpse being prepared for cremation and ascetic Hindu monks

The First Sermon

531 BC - 486 BC

Siddhartha became known as Buddha. He shared his insights with 5 Hindu ascetics who became bhikkhus, or Buddhas Monks. This was the beginning of the sangha.


530 BC

He sat under a tree and he meditated and remember all of his previous lives in detail. He achieved Nirvana. He removed cravings and ignorance from his life. He was in this state for 7 days

Siddartha finds the middle way

530 BCE

Siddartha realized that extremes of either way were not going to be productive, and instead opted to go the ''middle way''


486 BC

He told his followers to take a look at themselves. Parinirvana is complete nirvana which released Buddha from the involuntary cycle of rebirth