The Fall of Pompeii


The span of the eruption of Mount Vesuvius.

August 24, 79 AD 1:00 PM - August 25, 79 AD 4:00 PM

The eruption was about 25 hours long.

Mount Vesuvius Erupts

August 24, 79 AD 2:00 PM

On August 24th Mount Vesuvius erupts shooting pumice in the early afternoon.

Smoke blows up into the air.

August 24, 79 AD 2:00 PM

Smoke blows up into the air making the smoke look like a "umbrella pine tree."

The ground shakes, buildings shake, people are frightned

August 24, 79 AD 2:00PM

Crosius hides in his house.

August 24, 79 AD 3:00PM

People start dying from the toxic fumes.

August 24, 79 AD 5:00 PM

Crosius decides to hide in his barrel vault..

August 24, 79 AD 5:30 PM

Others with Crosius hid with him.

August 24, 79 AD 5:45PM

53 people went into the barrel vault with Crosius. Black, white, rich, and poor hid with Crosius

The day turns dark from the smoke.

August 24, 79 AD 6:00 PM

People use small lamps to give a source of light.

Around 1/4 of Pompeii's population has died.

August 25, 79 AD

Mount Vesuvius's column of smoke collapses on itself.

August 25, 79 AD 12:00AM

Crosius with the other 53 people survive the first 12 hours.

August 25, 79 AD 12:00 AM

Crosius and the people dies choking on the toxic fumes.

August 25, 79 AD 1:00 AM

Pyroclaustic flow hits Villa Plantus

August 25, 79 AD 1:00AM

Pompeii is buried over many feet of ash.

August 25, 79 AD 4:00 PM

Pompeii was buried about 15 feet under the ash.