The Birth of Siddartha

563 BCE

Siddartha's father was King Shuddhondana and his mother was Queen Maya.
What made his birth so special was that he was carried for 10 months and when he was born he was able to walk and speak.


536 BCE - 534 BCE

Siddhartha´s father tried to keep and sick or old away from him so that he would only be surrounded by the good in the world and convince him that life and the world is perfect.

The Four Sights

534 BC

He craved spiritual satisfaction. The first sight that he seen was an old man with his body broken by life leaning on a staff. The second sighting was he saw a sick man laying by the road side. The third sighting he saw a corpse being prepared for cremation. On the fourth sighting he seen an ascetic Hindu monk who practices sever self danial.

Renunciation and Austerities

534 BC - 530 BC

he would meditate and attain a state of deep trance. Only ate a grain of rice a day.

The First Sermon

531 BC - 486 BC

He became known as Buddha. Shared his insight with 5 Hindu ascetics. Was the beginning of the buddist community. the order was nuns called the bhikkhuni.


530 BC

When he ate and meditated He would sit under a tree and remember in detail about his past lives. He would enter the state of higher consciousness. He saw the death and rebirth as consequences to there bad and good deeds. He removed craving and ignorance from himself. He stayed in the state of nirvanna for 7 days.

Siddartha discovers the Middle way

530 BC

The Middle Way in Buddhism is the way between the two extremes. One extreme is "sensual indulgence", the other extreme is "self-mortification (indulgence in pain).


486 BC

He told his followers that they would die and their salvation is in their own hands.