Birth of Siddhartha

563 BC

Śuddhodana and Maya were is parents. When Maya gave birth to Siddhartha, she had little pain and within days Siddhartha was already speaking and walking. As he walked, lotus flowers would grow with each step. Both of these miraculous things made his birth special.


536 BC - 534 BC

In order to prevent Siddhartha from becoming a great savior, he raised him in his many palaces where he would not witness old age, death, sickness or suffering of any sort.

The Four Sights

534 BC

Siddhartha left the kingdom to fulfill his craving of desire to see his own city which his family ruled. There, despite his father's attempts of shielding him from any sort of suffering he saw and old aged man, a sick man, a funeral (dead corspe
) and a monk.

Renunciation and Austerities

534 BC - 530 BC

During this time Siddhartha gave up life in the palace, his family, his wealth, his hair and clothes to go live among the tribe who lived in the tropical forest. To gain spiritual knowledge he gave up everything, meditated and fasted. Due to the lack of food and water, he got very weak.

The First Sermon

531 BC - 486 BC

Siddhartha then became known as, "Buddha". He shared his insights with the people of India in the town of Sarnath. There a few people became followers of his which started the Buddhist community. They served as Bhikkhus or as Buddha's monks. The religion spread fast and after 5 years an order named bhikkhuni sangha was made.

Siddhartha discovers the Middle Way

530 BC

The middle way is a life where you do not starve yourself, you eat. Basically, you live on the basic needs of life.


486 BC

In order to live a good life, Buddha told his followers while on his death bed to live accordingly to the beliefs which you decide to have. He also said everyone is responsible for their own salvation. After he died, Buddha achieved parinivana which is complete nirvana. He was released from the cycle of birth.



Siddhartha sat under a tree as he meditated where he went into a state of higher consciousness and remembered all of his previous lives. He was in this state for 7 days. During this time he realized that death and rebirth are consequences of good or bad deeds. Due to his realization he removed craving and ignorance from his life. At that time he achieved nirvana.