SickKids Hospital Timeline


Development of Sick Kids Hospital

1875 - 1876

Elizabeth McMaster and a group of Toronto women rented an eleven bedroom home in downtown Toronto for the admission and treatment of all sick children.

Relocation of SickKids Hospital

1876 - 1891

SickKids Hospital demands increased significantly, leading to the hospital relocating into a larger building.

Second Relocation of SickKids Hospital

1891 - 1951

Under the leadership of John Ross Robertson, SickKids relocates into a four-storey facility with 320 rooms.

Installation of Pasteurization Plant


SickKids Hospital installs the first milk pasteurization plant in Canada, which was completed 30 years prior to it being mandatory in Canada.

Establishment of Nutrition Research Library


SickKids Hospital created the Nutrition Research Laboratory that saved thousands of children from death and diseases.

Polio Epidemic


The Polio Epidemic hit in 1937 and the SickKids staff manufactured approximately thirty or more iron lungs to be utilized all over Ontario. Staff also organized temporary treatment centres to support more than three hundred kids.

Current Location of SickKids Hospital

1951 - Present

The SickKids Hospital moved to their current location located at 555 University Avenue.

Establishment of Intensive Care Unit


SickKids Hospital opened one of the first intensive care units in North America to take care of critically-ill newborns and premature babies.

Advancement in Genetics


SickKids Hospital made advancement in genetics that are responsible for cloning hereditary diseases (ex. Muscular dystrophy, cystic fibrosis, etc.)

Development of New Patient Care Wing


SickKids Hospital opens new patient-care wing. The building was designed around a nine-storey, glass-roofed atrium to let in as much natural light as possible and cost about $232-million. Development of New Patient-Care Wing

Opening of Peter Gilgan Centre for Research and Learning


SickKids opened the Peter Gilgan Centre for Research and Learning. The twenty-one storey building is a hub for researchers and learners to share ideas and transform the current state of child health care. The world-class facility houses over 2,000 Sick Kids scientists and their staff and currently has 210 labs up and running.