Jesus Timeline


Age 0

4 BC.

Jesus was born about 4-6 BC. The three wise men came to visit him.

Age 12

8 AD.

Jesus went to the Passover Festival in the temple of Jerusalem. When his parents left, Jesus stayed behind and his parents did not know. Three days later, his parents realized that he was not there with them and they had to go back and get Jesus from the temple.

Age 13-29

9 AD. - 26 AD.

During this time Jesus worked as a carpenter or a smith. He did not do anything special (that was recorded) in this time period.

Ages 30-33

27 AD. - 30 AD

Jesus did all of his miracles and got a lot of people to follow him. He was healing people, feeding people, and raising people from the dead.

Age 30

27 AD.

Jesus started choosing his disciples and teaching about God. He started performing his miracles.

Age 33

30 AD.

This is when Jesus Died on the cross and came back to life gain and conquered death. 40 days after the resurrection of Jesus, he ascended up into Heaven after giving the apostles the job to keep spreading the word and to keep making disciple that make disciples that make disciples, etc.