Mt. Vesuvius 79AD eruption


Mt. Vesuvius trembles

August 24 79 1:00pm - August 24 79 3:00pm

There is a huge tremor and derbies start falling close to the mountain side

The mountain blows it's top off

August 24 79 3:00 pm - August 24 79 4:00pm

The volcano starts having explosive eruptions, the sky starts turning black and ash and pumice start hailing down in larger chunks.

Ash and pumice hail from the sky

August 24 79 3:01 pm - August 25 79 6:00 am

Ash and pumice fall from the sky striking people and burying them.

Umbrella pine

August 24 79 3:05pm - August 25 79 1:00am

Mt. Vesuvius has an explosive eruption creating an ash cloud above it that looks like an Italian umbrella pine

Horatius arrives at the boat yard

August 24 79 8:00 pm

Horatius arrives at the boat yard after leading the civilians to it. They huddle in small groups and hope for the best while fearing the worst.

The umbrella pine of ash begins to fall

August 25 79 1:00am

Ash and pumice begins to fall creating the first surge of pyroclastic flow.

Pyroclastic flow occurs

August 25 79 1:01am - August 25 79 6:00am

The ash cloud comes thundering down the mountain side creating a pyroclastic flow that is traveling over 200 miles per hour and 400 degrees hot. The flow is the main killer for the victims of the eruption and is almost impossible to avoid. The last surge of the pyroclastic flow occurs near the break of dawn

The destruction of Herculaneum

August 25 79 1:15 am

Herculaneum is devastated by the pyroclastic flow. Most people are hiding in the boat houses awaiting rescue.

Horatius Dies

August 25 79 1:17am

Horatius dies a horrific death after the pyroclastic flow gets to him and burns him alive. He leaves behind an unfinished journal entire detailing the events leading up to his demise

Destruction of Pompeii

August 25 79 1:25 am

Pompeii is also destroyed within minutes of Herculaneum. People here were buried alive around the town and created links to the lifestyles of the ancient Romans.