Cancer Treatments Throughout History


Skin Cancer Linked to Dust Collection


First Successful Radiation Treatment for Cancer


American Dust Bowl

Approx. 1930 - Approx. 1940

Death Rates Increase

Approx. 1931

Cancer and Pneumonia Cases Increase

Approx. 1931

World War II

1939 - 1945

America Starts Making More Money

Approx. 1939

America Can Provide Proper Health Care

Approx. 1950

Death Rates Due to Cancer Decrease

Approx. 1950

Different Types of Cancer Are Diagnosed


All forms of cancer have been diagnosed by this time

Diseases Spread More Easily

Approx. 1960

Populations Increase

Approx. 1960

Death Rates Due to Cancer Increase


Innovative Treatments of Cancer

Approx. 1970