Russia 1855-1965


Alexander 2 is Tsar

1855 - 1881

Alexander inherited throne from father Nicholas I.

Treaty of Paris ends Crimean war


This ended the Crimean war, as a Russian defeat. Sebastopol in Ukraine lost and Russian warships couldn't sail in the black sea during peacetime. Lead to national outcry for change.

Emancipation of the serfs


All serfs free. But had to pay 49 years of redemption payments and until paid off Serfs attached to the mir. Allowed a temporary obligation period before being set free. Landlords kept best land.

Tchaikovsky circle

1868 - 1874

Published and distributed revolutionary texts like das kaptial and the origin of species. Only had 100 members which were spread out across the cites and wanted to bring social not political change.

Das Kaptial published in Russia


Translated by Bakunin. Lead to speard of communism in Russia.

50% of peasants could produce a surplus


15% of peastants still serfs


These were still temporary obligated to work for the nobles. Only freed when redemption was made compulsory.

Alexander III becomes Tsar

1881 - 1894

Inherits throne from father after he is assassinated.

Nicholas II

1894 - 1917

Inherited throne from his father after he died from kidney disease, lost throne by abdicating after February revolution.

Provisonal government rules over russia

1 March 1917 - 25 October 1917

Put in after 1905 revolution. Overthrown by the Bolsheviks.

Lenin rules russia

25 october 1917 - 1924

Lenin is leader of the Bolshevik party which rules until his death.

Stalin rules russia

1929 - 1953

After lenin's death Stalin wins power struggle for power in the Bolsheviks Stalin rules until his death.