Iran history


Achaemenid Dynasty

558 BCE - 330 BCE

Achaemenid dynasty rules the first Persian Empire

Persian fails at conquering Greece

492 BC - 479 BC

Most of Persia is part of the Greek-dominated (Hellenistic) Seleucid Empire

312 BC - 140 BC

Persia ruled by the Arsacid dynasty

140 BC - 224 AD

Sassanid dynasty rules Persian Empire; Zoroastrianism is the dominant religion.

224 - 651

Alexander the Great of Macedon conquers the Persian Empire


Arab invasion brings end of Sassanid dynasty and start of Islamic rule


Decline of Islamic Caliphate, which is replaced by a series of Iranian and Turkic dynasties

1000 - 1400

Mongol forces of Genghis Khan overrun Persia, which becomes part of the Ilkhanate


Competing Iranian, Turkic and Mongol dynasties, including the empire of Timur the Lame (Tamerlane) in eastern Iran