Francaphone project: Alexander Hamilton

By Gavin Hellman



January 11, 1757

Alaxander Hamilton was born in Charlestown, St. Kitts and Nevis.

Alexander Hamilton's Mother, Rachel Faucette Buck, Dies of Yellow Fever

February 19, 1768

His Mother died when he was 11 years old.

Arrived in New York City


Alaxander's employer was so impressed by his work that he and some friends payed for him to come to America and go to Kings College in New York.

Serves in the New York Provincial Artillery Company

1777 - 1783

During his military Career he saw action at Trenton, White Plains, Long Island, Brandywine Creek, Germantown, and Princeton.

Marries Eliza Schuyler

December 14, 1780

Served as the delegate from New York to the Constitutional Convention

Approx. May 27, 1787 - Approx. September 17, 1787

Becomes the First Secretary of Treasury for the United States of America

1789 - 1795

On September 11, 1789 Alaxander Hamilton is apointed the Secretary of Treasury by George Washington and serves as Secretary of Treasury until 1795.

Apointed Inspector General

1798 - 1800

He was apointed Inspector General as America was preparing for a potential war with France.

End of Military Carrer



July 12, 1804

He was killed in a duel by Aaron Burr.

Fact 2.


Alexander hamilton created the U.S Coast Guard

Fact 3


Alexander Hamilton and his oldest son were killed under similar circumstances and in the same location

Fact 1.


Alexander hamilton is the only non-president to be featured on U.S currency.

why is Alaxander Hamilton important


Alexander Hamilton is important because he was the center of the movement to create congress. he has contributed to this world by helping to get the constitution written and he was the first treasure of the US. You may of heard of Alexander Hamilton because he is on the $10 bill and there is a Broadway musical about him.



Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow