Supreme Court Case Study


Equal Protection Clause

1868 - Present

Within the 14th Amendment, states no laws within the states should go against any person within that state.

Free Exercise Clause

1878 - Present

Starting with the case Reynolds vs. United states, this is protected under the First Amendment to putting limits on where religion can be practiced to not harm against anyone's beliefs.

Affirmative Action

March 6, 1961 - Present

Favoring members who have been regularly thought of as an disadvantaged cultural group.

Civil Rights Act of 1964

July 2, 1964 - Present

Outlaws discrimination based efficiently on race, gender, or national origin.

Regents of the U. of California v. Bakke

October 12, 1977 - June 26, 1978

White male Bakke exemplifies civil rights if a university is able to determine race as a factor under their admission process.

Bob Jones University vs. United States

October 12, 1982 - May 24, 1983

A heavily Christian belief school wonders if the Free Exercise Clause is violating their right by the IRS to place taxes due to their interracial rules for students and staff that are a part of Bob Jones University.

Fisher vs. University of Texas

December 9, 2015 - June 23, 2016

Female Abigail Fisher feels distress over the Equal Protection Clause in the University of Texas granting race as an included factor to determine the ten percent incoming class.