100 days of slaughter


Weapon cache

January 20, 1994

A Hutu informant discovered a weapon cache and a premeditated plan to massacre the Tutsi people. Despite being reported to Romeo Dallaire and a fax in turn being sent to Security Council. No action was taken to prevent this tragedy.

Rwanda Genocide

April, 1994 - July, 1994

Rwandan President Juvénal Habyarimana is killed

April 6, 1994

The president's plane is shot down an unknown group of terrorists, this is the official start of the Rwanda genocide.

Hutu extremists massacre political opponents

April 7, 1994

Gikondo Massacre

April 9, 1994

A massacre in a church perpetuated by Hutu's mark the start of a purging.

Massacre at the Nyarubuye Roman Catholic Church

April 15, 1994

Thousands are killed in Nyarubuye Roman Catholic Church with grenades and guns

Kibuye Massacres

April 18, 1994

An estimated 12,000 Tutsis are killed after sheltering at the Gatwaro stadium in Gitesi. Another 50,000 are killed in the hills of Bisesero.

Paniced immigration to Tanzania

April 28, 1994

An expected 250,000 tutsi flee to Tanzania which make up an eight of the entire Tutsi population prior to the genocide

The RPF take control of the presidential palace

May 23, 1994

Fleeing perpetrators

July 13, 1994

Approximately one million people, mostly Hutu, begin fleeing to the Democratic Republic of Congo

RPF gain control on the country

July 20, 1994

A century of hatred between two ethnic groups accumulated in bloodshed that lasted for a 100 days. It would take two decades for the country to recover however a shadow will remain until many more years pass.