Hearts Through the Ages


teotihuacan culture in ancient mexico

100 - 00

began new religous center

Claudius Galenus

130 - 200

described valves of the heart

Erasistratos of Luis

250 - 251

Credited for his description of the valves of the heart
among the first to distinguish between veins and arteries

Herophilus of chalcedon

280 - 281

discovered pulse
first scientist to perform scientific dissections of human dead bodies

Christian Barnard

1922 - 1967

first kidney transplant
the worlds first human to human heart transplant
cape town south africa

Paul Winchell

1922 - 1923

The patient of the first artificial heart

Bill Bigelow

1950 - 1951

made concept of open heartr surgery
first formal cardiac surgery trainning program
in canada

John Gibbon

1953 - 1954

may 6, first succesful human heart surgery by heart-lung machine
in philidelphia

John Lewis and Walter Liuenei

1954 - 1955

first successful open heart surgery

dennis melrose

1958 - 1959

jan 1, created a solution that could stop the heart beat

Norman shumway

1968 - 1969

Father of heart transplants
also lung transplants and heart biopsies
jan 6, first transplant

Robert Jarvik

1982 - 1983

first permanent aftificial heart (jarvik-7)
recalled by the fda
a man lived for 112 days after transplant