War Starts


Eugene volunteered for the army


Eugene was in the Pearl Harbor attack and was one of the lucky ones to survive

December 7, 1941

Mary-Jane got her first letter from Eugene telling her that he was alive

January 1, 1942

Eugene was in the invasion of Italy

July 10, 1943

Marched onto Messina, Italian and German troops managed to escape the mainland.

August 17, 1943

His troop moved forward in September 9, 1943 but were forced back by the German army into the Tyrrhenian Sea.

September 9, 1943

Eugene was in General Clarks Fifth U.S. Army which they then moved into Rome. (D-Day)

June 4, 1944

German forces in Italy surrendered.

May 2, 1945

Came home.

June 24, 1946