American Revolution


Proclamation line of 1763

10/7/1763 - 1783

This was A property line established by the British after the French and Indian war. this line did not allow colonists to pass it. This was one of the first things that would push the Colonists towards the idea of a revolution.

Boston Massacre


This was a quick skirmish between British soldiers and Colonists. There were only 5 people that died during this event. This happened in the Town square of Boston.

The Tea Act

05/10/1773 - 1778

This act was a tax on tea. This act also only allowed the Colonists to get tea from the British East India Company.

Boston Tea Party


During this event, the Sons of Liberty dressed as a group of Native Americans and dumped tea into the Boston Harbor. This was a response to the Tea Act. $70,000 worth of tea was thrown into the Harbor that night.

The Intolerable Acts

03/24/1774 - 05/20/1774

This was a series of acts that closed the Boston Harbor until the British East India Company had compensated for the money lost in tea, shut downtown meetings, and the authority of the royal governor was increased

Battle of Lexington and Concord


The King's troops had reached Lexington and saw about 70 minutemen. They were told to leave by the British commander, but as the Colonists were walking away someone shot at the British and started a skirmish that lasted 15 minutes. The British had started to walk back when they were confronted by 3,000-4,000 minutemen. This had quickly gone from an easy battle to a full-on slaughter.

Thomas Paine’s, Common Sense


Battle of Monmouth

06/28/1777 - 1778

This took place in Monmouth, New Jersey. During this event, the Colonists intercepted the British on their trek from Pennsylvania to New York. There were many different twists on both sides, causing this battle to end in a draw.

Battle of Saratoga

09/19/1777 - 10/07/1777

This was the real turning point in the revolution. This event happened in upstate New York. This battle gained the full confidence of the French and also got Spain on the American's side.