Period 5 English 1st Quarter Reading Project


Will Stark New Journey

1018 A.D.

After Will Stark was sent back in time to save his family, he realized that he was sent back way further than he thought. He was sent back 3000 years in the past to save a girl in a village, who later will become his wife Hope.

Attack of the 3 men and Will Stark's Birthday

January 7, 2030

On the day of Will Stark's birthday, everything went wrong. 3 mysterious people appeared out of nowhere and killed Will Stark's two security guards, his wife, and his son. Also Will Stark got kidnapped by 3 people he didn't know after losing his home and his family.

Will Stark Powers

January 8, 2030

Will Stark gets told by a person named Angel that he can use powers called "Energy", and slowly opened up and touched his potential of power

Will Stark recovering

January 8, 2030

Will Stark awakes from being taken away with the strangers, Get's explained that his family was murdered.

Will Stark training his power

January 9, 2030 - January 30, 2030

Will Stark trains his power with the help of his instructor Adam.

Will Stark Energy Expose

February 1, 2030

Will Stark awakened his power to a point where it was noticed by the enemy group of the "Alliance" "Aliomonti" which is the group that tried to kill Will Stark. Barely escaped from the Aliomonti

Will Stark Sacrifice

Feb 2, 2030

Will Stark teleport to the place they were before to let himself get captured so that he wouldn't cause trouble to the the "Alliance"

Will Stark Escape

Feb 2, 2030

Will Stark manages to escape the Aliomonti by the help of insider but finds out the hard truth that he was brought to the future.

Will Stark Determination

Feb 2, 2219

After Will Stark realizes that he was rescued from people in the future by a time machine, Will also realized that he can save his family by going back in time