Gaia is Born

5000 BCE

Gaia (Earth) is formed and she separates water from land and air from airless space

Titans are Born

2108 BCE

Gaia and Uranus give birth to the twelve Titans

Gods Take Over from the Titans

1932 BCE

Zeus and the gods win the ten year battle against the Titans

Iron Age of People Created by Prometheus

1856 BCE

Prometheus creates the Iron Age of people from mud and water & steals fire from the gods and gives it to them

Pandora is Born

1827 BCE

The gods create Pandora (the first lady) to plague the human race

Pandora Opens Her Box

1813 BCE

Pandora is tricked into unleashing terrible spirits onto the human race

The Great Flood

1768 BCE

Zeus sends a massive flood to kill the current human race but Deucalion (Prometheus' son) and his wife survive and they repopulate the Earth

Zeus is tricked in the Scrificial Bull

1700 BCE

Prometheus tricks Zeus into taking the lesser parts of the sacrificial bull

Prometheus Incarceration

1698 BCE

Zeus captures Prometheus and chains him to a mountain where a eagle eats Prometheus' liver every day