American Indian Movemnet




In order to deal with increasing unemployment among American Indians, the BIA enacted a new policy to persuade large numbers of Indians to relocate into urban areas. Using the lure of job training and housing, brochures depicting Indian families leading a middle-class life were distributed by the BIA. While the initial response was enthusiastic, within five years the relocation program was counted a failure, with 50 percent of the participants returning to their reservations. This was the first of many late 20th Century failures to “mainstream” the Indian population.

Indian Claims Commission Act

1946 - Approx. 1978

The Commission was created to do away with tribal grievances over treaty enforcement, resource management, and disputes between tribes and the US government. Until the Commission ended operations in 1978, it settled 285 cases and paid more than $800 million in settlements.

Civil Rights Act

1968 - 1990

Civil Rights Act (ICRA) – This Congressional Act revised Public Law 280 by requiring states to obtain tribal consent prior to extend any legal jurisdiction over an Indian reservation. It also gave most protections of the Bill of Rights and the Fourteenth Amendment to tribal members in dealings with their tribal governments. ICRA also amended the Major Crimes Act to include assault resulting in serious bodily harm.
American Indian Movement (AIM) – Shortly after the Minneapolis Anishinaabeg formed an “Indian Patrol” to monitor police activities in Indian neighborhoods, AIM was co-founded by Dennis Banks. The new organization was comprised primarily of young urban Indians who believed that direct and militant confrontation with the US government was the only way to redress historical grievances and to gain contemporary civil rights; and that the tribal governments organized under the IRA (1934) were not truly legitimate or grounded in traditional Indian ways. By the 1990s, AIM

Indians of All Tribes Protest (Occupation of Alcatraz)


Wounded Knee Occupation


Indian Child Welfare Act


The Longest Walk


Religious Freedom Restoration Act


National American Indian Heritage Month