My Teachers Timeline


Mrs. Miereiercks

11/01/05 - 11/02/05

She was my teacher/

Mrs. Miereiercks

11/01/06 - 11/02/06

She was my teacher.

Mrs. Gilden

11/01/07 - 11/02/07

Mrs. Gilden was a good teacher.

Ms. Monahan

11/01/08 - 11/02/08

Ms. Mohanhan was so tots awsome.

Mrs. Smith

11/01/09 - 11/02/09

Mrs. Smith is so awsome. She was a fab. teacher.

Mr. Wurzburg

11/01/10 - 11/02/10

Mr. Wurzburg is a good teacher.

Mrs. Fitzgerald

11/01/11 - 11/02/11

Mrs. Fitz is so cool dawg. She is the coolest teacher ever! She is my idol.

Mrs. Fitzgerald

11/13/2012 - 11/14/2012

Mrs. Fitz is so chill, yo. Shes the best teacher in the history of ever! I want to be just like her when I grow up!