Court Cases invlolving the Sixth Amendment


GIdeon Arested

june 3 1961

Gideon was arrested for illegally entering a pool house and stealing wine and money. All the cases obtained there origins form someone being arrested.

Gideon Sentenced

August 6 1961

Gideon sentenced to a maximum of 5 years in prison.

Supreme Court Hearing

January 15 1963 - March 18 1963

During this time period the Supreme Court heard Gideon's case regarding the Sixth Amendment. The court ruled in a 7-0 opinion that the state of michigan did violate Gideon's rights and the accused should have access to a lawyer. This case ensured that people will have the right to a lawyer when poor and sentenced to prison time. Out of my three cases, this was the only successful one for the defendant.

Scott arrested


Scott was arrested and sent to court where he could not afford a lawyer. Scott was fined only $50 for his crime. Illinois was not legally obligated to provide a lawyer due to low degree of punishment.

Scott's Supreme Court trial

December 4 1978 - March 5 1979

In a 5-4 decision the Supreme Court ruled that the state of Illinois did not violate Mr. Scott's right's. Mr. Scott was not entitled to a lawyer due to him having the maximum penalty of a small fine. This case had some similarities with the first case because they both dealt with the Sixth and Fourteenth Amendment. They differ due to Scott losing his case with Illinois.

Ventris Murders Hick

January 7 2004

Ventris and his girlfriend broke into Hicks home and killed him.

Ventris Trial With the Supreme Court

January 21, 2009 - April 29, 2009

The Supreme Court heard Ventris case and ruled that the State of Kansas did not violate his Constitutional rights. Ventris made a confession whilst in prison and Ventis argued that it should have been invalid due to him not having a lawyer. The Court ruled that Ventris's rights were not violated. This case was similar to Scott v Illinois due to both states not infringing on the Sixth Amendment. The aspect that all related these cases was the argument over the Sixth Amendments right to counsel.