Devil In The White City


The Great Chicago Fire,

October, 1871

Burnham and Root become partners

January 1873

Burnham and Margaret Sherman marry.

January 20, 1876

Holmes and Clara Lovering marry

July 4, 1878

John Root marries Mary Walker although she has TB.

January 20, 1879

John Root marries a bridesmaid from his first wedding after his wife dies

January 1, 1881

At 19 Mudgett enrolls in medical school at the University of Vermont at Burlington but after a year goes to Michigan University

1881 - 1882

Mudgett graduates from University of Vermont

June 1884

Mudgett registers as H.H. Holmes

July 1886

Holmes marries Myrna Belknap

January 28, 1887

Chicago becomes second largest city in the US

January 1, 1890

Chicago is chosen to host the World’s Columbian Exposition

February 14, 1890

The main architects of the fair are chosen

January 5, 1891

John Root dies of pneumonia

January 15, 1891

Construction for the fair begins

February 11, 1891

Burnham named director of works; he is chief of everything

August 24, 1892

Dedication Day

October 12, 1892

Ferris wheel approved for construction

December 16, 1892

Opening Day

May 1, 1893

Ferris wheel completed

June 9, 1893

Patrick Prendergast kills Mayor Harrison

October 28, 1893

Closing of fair and memorial for Mayor Harrison

October 30, 1893

The seven greatest palaces of the Exposition are burned down by arsonists.

July 5, 1894

Detective Geyer begins his search for the Pitezel children

June 26, 1895

The remains of Alice and Nellie Pitezel are found in Toronto.

July 15, 1895

Detectives search Holmes castle and find tons of human remains

July 19, 1895

Separate juries find Holmes guilty of killing Ben Pitezel and his children

September 19, 1895

Holmes is hung

May 7, 1896

George Ferris dies of typhoid fever

November 22, 1896

Frederick Olmsted dies in a mental institution

August 28, 1903

Burnham dies

June 1, 1912