soccer history

1800 - 2017

The history of soccer in Brazil began in 1895, at the hands of the English, as in most other countries.

soccer history

2000 - 2017

In the year 2007, players were involved in international transfers.ses, as in most other countries.

soccer history

2005 - 2017

It was in 2008 and the victory was over Estudiantes de La Plata.

soccer history

2015 - 2017

In Brazilian football, the teams re-presented themselves on vacation and began preparations for the State. Before the competition started, however, the transfer window had already been very busy.

soccer history

2016 - 2017

After winning the Brazilian Championship in 2015, Corinthians planned to start 2016 even stronger. Except that was not what happened. That's because Timon pretty much lost the whole team to Chinese / European football once at the start of the year. Only in January, Renato Augusto, Edu Dracena, Ralf, Jadson, Vagner Love left the club. In the following months, the stampede continued: Gil, Malcom, Fábio Santos, Felipe, Edílson, Bruno Henrique, Alexandre Pato, André and Elias were sold

soccer history


To date, there is no concrete data on when and where football came.